Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to your questions about the Domino XL Joiner.

Q: Are the cross stop and trim stop cross-compatiable with the 500? Can I use my existing ones from the Domino DF 500 on the Domino XL?

A: The trim stop and hand rail fence will work fine between the two machines. The cross stop has been recently modified (now product number 498590) to work with both machines and is reversible, one side for the DF 500 and one side for the XL. Current models of the Domino DF 500 Set include the updated Cross Stop.

Q: What's included in the two tenon assortments?

A: Due to the size of the tenons, there are two separate tenon assortments, one containing 8/10mm tenons (498204) and one containing 12/14mm tenons (498205). The 8/10mm assortment includes: 8x22x50 (49 pieces), 8x22x80 (38 pieces), 8x22x100 (36 pieces), 10x24x50 (82 pieces), 10x24x80 (52 pieces), 10x24x100 (53 pieces), plus 2 Domino XL Cutters, sizes 8 mm and 10 mm. The 12/14mm assortment includes: 12x26x100 (41 pieces), 12x26x140 (40 pieces), 14x28x100 (16 pieces), 14x28x140 (32 pieces), plus 1 Domino XL Cutter, size 14 mm. The tenon assortments come in a T-LOC SYS 2 Systainer.

Q: Are Sipo tenons available?

A: Yes, but only as tenon stock in 750mm cut-to-length sticks. They will not be available as pre-cut tenons. The beech will also be available as tenon stock in 750mm lengths. Quantity of sticks varies depending on the tenon stock size (8/10/12/14).

Q: Can tenons be stored in the Domino XL Systainer?

A: Yes, unlike the DF 500, the SYS 5 for the Domino XL has two tenon storage bins that are stackable and removable. These are the same bins used in the tenon assortments, so you can easily move the tenons from your tenon assortment systainer to your Domino XL systainer for transport to the jobsite. The bins have adjustable dividers to allow them to be sized to fit the various tenon lengths.

What's the largest tenon for the Domino XL?

A: 140mm, which is about 5-1/2" in length.

Do I cut the 750mm tenon stock to the exact length of the mortise depth?

A: No. If you measure the pre-cut tenons, you will find they are slightly undersized to allow for a glue pocket. When cutting the 750mm tenon stock, cut it 2-3mm shorter than the plunge depth setting for the mortise. So, for a 140mm mortise you would cut your tenon to about 137mm. It doesn't have to be exact, just slightly undersized.

Q: What are the available mortise depths?

A: 15-70 mm in 5 mm increments (19/32" to 2-3/4").

Q: How much does the Domino XL weigh?

A: 11.4 lbs. The Domino XL has an extended handle on the fence that provides more leverage than the smaller handle on the DF 500. Also, the handle is located all the way at the rear of the machine and in the center to provide balance and to keep the plunge motion inline with the material and cutter.

Q: What's the thickness of material I can use with the Domino XL?

A: I wouldn't recommend using it on material thinner than 3/4" to 1". We generally recommend that the tenon is about 1/3 the thickness of the material. You can use the Domino XL with very thick slabs or timbers by using multiple tenons for additional strength as needed.

Q: Can I use the cutters interchangeably between the Domino XL and DF 500?

A: No. The cutters are different diameters and do not share a common spindle size.