Save More With A Package!

Bundle your Festool Domino with a CT HEPA Dust Extractor for even more savings!

Receive instant savings when you purchase a package consisting of a Festool Domino bundled with a Festool CT Dust Extractor.  Read below for more information about the importance of using a dust extractor, not only for better sanding results but for your health.

Note: The "Set" versions of the Domino DF 500 and Domino XL include the otherwise optional Trim Stop and Cross Stop.

DF 500 PM574332 PD574332 P26574332 P3657433 P48574332
DF 500 Set PM574432 PD574432 P26574432 P36574432 P48574432
DF 700 XL PM574422 PD574422 P26574422 P36574422 P48574422
DF 700 XL Set PM574447 PD574447 P26574447 P36574447 P48574447


Why is dust extraction important?

Dust control is an integral part of the Festool system and design philosophy. We believe you will find our dust extractors to be among the best in the industry, with benefits not found on other vacuum systems. Festool offers a full line of dust extractors optimized for the way you work. The CT 26 and CT 36 are well-suited for all-around performance in the shop or construction site. These larger versions come standard with HEPA filters and can be outfitted with a rear-mounted handle for increased mobility or the Boom Arm accessory for use in the shop.

To learn more about Festool's complete line of dust extractors, visit our website.

Did you know wood dust is a carcinogen?

According to OSHA (the Occupational Health and Safety Administration), exposure to wood dust has long been associated with a variety of adverse health effects, including dermatitis, allergic respiratory effects, mucosal and nonallergic respiratory effects, and cancer.

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