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The New Domino XL DF 700 Mortiser Joiner

Portable Mortise and Tenon Joinery Just Got Super Sized!

The Domino XL is the newest addition to Festool's line of Domnio mortise and tenon joiners. If you're already familiar with the advantages of the Festool Domino DF 500, you may just be curious what's so special about the new Domino XL DF 700. Below you'll find some video of this incredible joiner in action, features at a glance, and a photo gallery.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us or your preferred Festool dealer for more information.

Features and Benefits.

Domino System Accessories

Optional fence accessories add functionality to your Domino XL. The hand rail fence makes mortises in round stock easy and accurate. The trim stop is great for thin stock, improving alignment and stability. The cross stop extends the maximum distance between mortises when using the indexing pin system.

Intuitive Indexing System

Two sets of three pins on each side of the Domino XL fence can be used for quick alignment against the edge of your material or from a adjacent mortise. The pins are spring loaded and can be placed in a stowed position when not being used. The optional cross top extends the maximum distance for pin indexing.

Mortise Width Settings

Choose between two mortise widths. Select an exact, tight fit to the tenon for precise alignment. Or select a loose fit to the tenon to allow slight lateral movement for alignment, making assembly easier when there are a lot of tenons.

Pendulum Routing Principle

Festool's patented pendulum routing principle has revolutonized joinery. Domino tenons' shape prevent rotation unlike dowels and don't have the same alignment and slippage issues as biscuits. The mortising action is fast and produce precision results.

Fence Adjustments

A step block provides quick settings to common fence heights. There are detents at come angles for mortising miters. Center marks on all sides of the fence allow easy alignment to your scribe lines.

Plunge Depth Settings

Quickly set the mortise plunge depth to between 15 and 70 mm (19/32" to 2-3/4") to match the size tenon being used.

Photo Gallery.



Videos from Domino XL Owners.

View some of the videos from Festool Domino XL owners below or read some of the reviews of the Festool Domino XL from a focus group that used the tool for several months prior to its official introduction.



Domino XL Mortiser
 Model XL DF 700
Product No. 574 422
Set Version Product No.
(Includes trim and cross stops)
574 447
Available Domino Cutters 8, 10, 12, 14 mm
Miters 0-90°,
Stops at 0°, 22.5°, 45°, 67.5°
Power Consumption 720 Watts
Weight 11.4 lbs.
Mortising Depth 15-70 mm, 5 mm increments
(19/32" to 2-3/4")
Fence Height Scale 10 - 50 mm
(13/32" to 1-31/32")
Includes Domino XL D12 Cutter*  
Plug-It Power Cord  
Support Bracket  
T-LOC Systainer SYS 5  

* Please note that cutters are not interchangeable between Domino models. Cutters are specific to the Domino DF 500 or Domino XL DF 700.