Domino Tenons

Putting it all together.

Sure, the family of Domino joiners are quite remarkable. But, what really makes the Domino system revolutionary is the Domino tenon. Time is money. Spend less time making tenons and become more profitable with ready-to-use Domino tenons.

All other forms of joinery have their drawbacks. Dowels are round and allow the joint to rotate. Biscuits allow lateral movement and are not strong. Conventional mortise and tenon joints are time consuming and require great accuracy.

The Domino tenon overcomes all of these challenges, offering the most elegant solution for joinery. The shape of the Domino tenon prevents rotation. The tenons are available in many sizes and are more robust than biscuits. The entire mortising process is extremely fast in comparison to traditional mortised joints. Plus, you don't have to waste your time making tenons. The Domino tenons have machines ribs to allow glue movement through the joint. The oblong shape of the Domino provides maximum glue surface.

Domino tenons are available in 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm thicknesses for the Domino DF 500 and 8, 10, 12 and 14mm thicknesses for the Domino XL. The 4mm tenons are perfect for materials as thin as 1/2". The largest tenons are about 5-1/2" long, great for large scale joinery like doors, gates, timbers and slabs.

Domino Tenons

The Domino XL has tenon stock available in 29-1/2" (750mm) lengths that you can cut to length as needed. We recommend that you cut the tenons about an 1/8"

Domino versus Dowels.

Unlike a dowel, the Domino tenon prevents rotation of the joint. Furthermore, it offers superior joint strength and more surface area for glue adhesion. Below you'll find a comparison of the surface area between the Domino tenon and comparable dowel size.

Equivalent Glue Surface
8mm Domino Tenon 11/16" (18mm) Dowel
10mm Domino Tenon 13/16" (21mm) Dowel
12mm Domino Tenon 15/16" (24mm) Dowel
14mm Domino Tenon 1-1/16" (26mm) Dowel

Domino Tenons