Portable Joinery

Portability: A Festool Core Philosophy.

There are several fundamental principles that define Festool's approach to engineering a power tool. One of them is portability. The ability to take the machine to the material instead of the material to the tool. The Domino DF 500 and Domino XL Joiner are great examples of this philosophy being applied to the design of a tool. A process that would otherwise require moving large materials to a stationary machine can now be accomplished fast and effortlessly.

Portable joinery

The Domino joining system allows a small or one man shop to have the same capabilities of a large production shop. Additionally, you can take the tool to the jobsite, a task that would be virtually impossible with a slot mortiser.

Being able to leave the material in place while mortising offers substantial time savings. Below, we compare the time it takes to mortise a solid wood door frame using a slot mortiser versus the Domino XL Joiner. The Domino XL is approximately 50% faster in comparison.

  Slot Mortiser Domino XL
Marking 10 mins. 6 mins.
Material Transport 5 mins. --
Tooling Preparation/Finishing 10 mins. 2 mins.
Processing 13 mins. 8 mins.
Total 38 mins. 16 mins.

Festool's Systainer storage system makes transport efficient, keeps you organized and protects your tool investment from damage. We even offer Domino tenon assortment Systainers to store your tenons. Latch the Systainers together and you're ready to hit the road.

Portable joinery