Fast, Accurate Joinery

Making you a master of joinery.

Joinery has traditionally been a very cumbersome process, but one of those necessary evils of fine woodworking. Enter the Festool Domino, a tool that has completely revolutionized joinery since its introduction in 2007. With the Domino in your tool arsenal, joinery becomes undeniably fast and accurate, even complex joints.

The Domino indexing system.

The Domino incorporates an indexing system that allows you to quickly reference off of the edge of the material or an adjacent mortise. This dramatically increases production since it requires no measuring, yet offers absolute accuracy and repeatability. On the Domino XL, there are actually multiple index pins that can be used in any configuration to suit your needs. The pins can be pushed into a stowed position when they're not needed. As you move from one mortise to the next, you can use the indexing system to register off the previous mortise*.

The Cross Stop accessory extends the maximum distance that the indexing system can register from the cutter. The indexing system allows you to consistently produce accurate results without measuring. The Cross Stop accessory is included in the Domino Set and Domino XL Set.

Hitting the mark.

There are times where you would prefer to scribe a line to make a mortise. In those cases, the Domino has a window with center line and offset marks. The fence has triangular holes that also aid with alignment. When working in a vertical orientation when the fence cannot be used, center line marks are cast in the sides of the Domino for simple alignment.

Domino alignment window

Quick fence adjustments.

Fence adjustments are quick and intuitive. Change the height or angle of the fence with simple adjustments. A graduated step block lets you choose common fence heights quickly. The fence handle is positioned in a manner to make sure that the fence is stays firmly pressed against your material.

* Requires the use of the Cross Ctop accessory with the Domino DF 500.